Terms and Warranties

General Conditions of Purchase The website offers the service of purchase online, which implies a service 24h., Simple, direct and with all the advantages of having a wide Catalog of products updated and available from any place through an Internet connection.

1. General

The execution of an order implies the obligation for the User to pay the same.

Orders can be made in the following ways: > A. In our online store www.puertogun.com (24 hours a day)

B. By telephone to the number 956 870 970 (during store opening hours)
< (24 hours a day)

Upon receiving the order, if everything is correct you will go directly to prepare the shipment. In case of any incident with the same, we contact the User to discuss any possible solution.
This check and communication to the customer will be made during opening hours of store.

All our prices are in Euros and in accordance with current regulations, any purchase made through the Website will be (VAT), and this amount is included in the price.

Orders destined for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, are exempt from VAT by application of what Provided for in Article 146 of Directive 2006/112, without prejudice to the application of the corresponding taxes and tariffs in accordance with the regulations in force in each of them.

The holder reserves the right To change their prices at any time, but the products will be invoiced based on the rates in force at the time of purchase or if there is no obvious typographical error.

The Cardholder reserves the right to refuse Request of any User with whom you have A litigation or have existed problems in the payment of previous purchases.

2. Obligations of the Users

Any user that makes a purchase through this Website is declared major Of age, or with the necessary authorization to make the purchase, and if applicable with full capacity to use payment means and that they have sufficient funds to cover all costs resulting from the purchase of products, the user also declares to accept Fully and unreservedly the full conditions of this Legal Notice.

Before making any request it is obligation of the User to pre-register on the Website. The User can establish one or more requests for purchase of products or services offered through the Website.

When making an order, the User accepts the specifications and characteristics of the product offered, for this purpose the Holder Indicates that the products shown in the photographs of this Website may suffer slight differences from the final product in terms of size, color, components, etc. By availability of the manufacturers. The purpose of the photographs will be the orientation for the consumer or suggestions of presentation, without supposing in any case contractual images. The owner assures in any case that those differences will not suppose a worse quality of the products.

3. Conditions for the orders with shipment

The shipment of the order is made once Verified the payment by the form chosen by the User (See "Forms of Payment"). This check will be done during store opening hours. Therefore, it is up to the arrival time of the payment to be able to process it on the same day. The shipment is made by transport agency. As well as with assurance of the shipment by the amount of the order.

The cost of the shipment will be calculated automatically when placing your order, informing in any case the Website of the cost before accepting it definitively.

Shipments will be made from Monday to Friday working days, being able to send all the orders that have been confirmed as indicated.

Once the shipment has been made, the user is informed by email or sms (Transport company, tracking number and contact of the transport company). In order that the same User can perform the following actions:
Track the package knowing at all times its status and where it is.
Be informed of the time ofDelivery by contacting the courier company.

In case there is any type of incident in the delivery the User can contact the Cardholder directly to be resolved to the courier company.

Additional transportation costs Caused by the declaration of an incorrect or incomplete address, are the final responsibility of the final customer.

The accepted forms of payment are as follows:

In-store cash: available for the "Collect In store "

Cash on delivery: the User will pay the amount of the order to the courier at the time of delivery of the items.

In the current account directly in the window of the bank. You can telephone or email that income to expedite the processing of your order. You must indicate your name on the income to identify the payment.

Bank transfer: the User will make a bank transfer for the amount of the order to the bank account. You can notify by email attaching a copy of the transfer to expedite the processing of your order. You must indicate your name in the transfer to identify the payment.

Payment through Credit Card: the User will pay the amount of the order through the link with the Virtual POS of the bank that will be created automatically when performing Order and choose this option. In this form of payment you receive the confirmation from the bank that has made the payment, the rest of data such as card numbering, etc. . . Are communicated by the User only to the bank. It also uses, depending on the card, the CES technology (Secure Electronic Commerce) that needs a confirmation code that it receives via SMS, and that when making the purchase, if it has not previously been registered, the entity of the card Will guide you through the steps so that you can register at the same time.

Payment through PayPal (puertogun @ comgun . es.): the User will pay the amount of the order through the link with PayPal that is It will automatically create when ordering and choose this option. In this form of payment you receive the PayPal confirmation that the payment has been made, the other data such as card numbering, etc. . . Are communicated by the User to PayPal only. The shipment of the items paid thus will only be made to the address communicated by Paypal, and with delivery exclusively to the recipient upon presentation of the ID. Because PayPal, in case of full refund of a purchase does not return the fixed commission of 0.35 €, in the event of requesting the customer a full refund will be reduced by the amount mentioned above by Paypal's payment policy. That is to say: the total payment will be refunded less 0.35 €, which is the fixed fee that Paypal remains if the transaction is carried out. 5. Guarantees

The seller responds to the lack of conformity that manifests itself within two years of delivery. For any management related to the guarantee is necessary the presentation of the original invoice of purchase of the article, as well as only the consumer that is related to the invoice issued. When depositing the article for its management, the consumer will be given a receipt of the material delivered. In the case of "remote" sales, this documentary will suffice with the delivery note issued by the courier agency that collects the article.

Post Sale Service:
During the first six months will be attended the Incidences that arise in the non-expendable articles covering the costs of materials and labor of the lack of conformity in the articles.

Guarantees not covered:
The following cases will not be considered as covered by the guarantee described above:
Misuse by the consumer or other than that referenced in the information provided
Faults caused by the consumer
Loss of parts or accessories by the consumer
As well as any lack of conformity Which does not exist at the time of delivery

Post Sale Service for what is not covered by the warranty:
We offer a Technical Assistance Service (SAT) for the resolution of any incidents not contemplated by The warranty, as well as for the repair of any article related to our activity and that has not been purchased in our store.

At the time of delivery of the article for repair will inform the consumer of the c Oste estimated and will be given a receipt that will include the items delivered and the estimated amount of the repair. In case aIf it is reviewed by the technician, there are deficiencies other than those anticipated and this leads to an increase in the budget, the client will be notified for their compliance. In case of not accepting the new budget, the article will be returned to the state in which it was originally delivered and no cost will be generated for the client. 6. Right to withdraw

In compliance with Law 3/2014, of 27 March, amending the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of

6.1 When the User is a consumer and the contract is executed without the simultaneous physical presence of the User and the Card Holder (distance selling), the User will be informed of the User's right to withdraw. User will enjoy the right of withdrawal described in this section, with the exceptions provided in article 103.

6.2 Information to the consumer and user about the right of withdrawal.

a) The User has the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 days Natural

b) The withdrawal period will expire at 14 calendar days from the date of the conclusion of the contract.

c) To exercise the right to withdraw , The User must notify us of his / her decision to withdraw from the contract through an unequivocal statement (for example: a letter sent by post or email). You may use the following form of withdrawal form, although its use is not obligatory .

d) To comply with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient that the communication regarding the exercise by you of this right is sent before the expiration of the corresponding term.

F) This refund will be made using the same payment method used by the User. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MODEL FORM:
- To the attention of the Holder: PuertoGun C /. Of the Magnolias, 37, Local 10, 11500 El Puerto de Santa María (Cadiz)
- I hereby inform you that I give up the contract of sale of the following property:
- User Name:
- User Address:
- Signature (only if this form is presented in paper):
- Date:
- - - 6.3 The User may direct the previous form to the following addresses:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Postal code: C /. Of the Magnolias, 37, Local 10, 11500 El Puerto de Santa María (Cadiz)
E-mail: tienda @ puertogun . com.

6.4 According to Law 3/2014, dated March 27 , Which amends the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, dated November 16, in its art. 103, the right of withdrawal shall not apply to contracts relating to (among others):

(a) The provision of services, once the service has been fully executed, when the execution has taken place With the express prior consent of the consumer and user and with the acknowledgment on his part that he is aware that, once the contract has been fully executed by the employer, he will have lost his right of withdrawal. (B) The supply of goods made according to consumer and user specifications or clearly personalized.

c) The supply of goods that may deteriorate or expire quickly. > (D) The supply of sealed goods that are not fit to be returned for reasons of health or hygiene protection and which have been unsealed after delivery.

Regarding this section with the order Of the User this gives its previous consent

7. Cancellation of orders

Any order placed can be canceled free of charge. Some for the client until the moment of passing the order to "Sent", when it has already started its management by the courier company.
To do this the client must communicate it to us by email to the store tienda @ puertogun . com. or by calling 956 870 970 during opening hours of the store.

If the cancellation occurs after the package is already "Sent", the customer must assume the costs Generated by the shipment (the communication to the customer prior to the acceptance of the order) and costs of return (this cost is estimated to be approximately 18 euros maximum, unless the cost of shipping exceeds this amount) >
PuertoGun reserves itself

To summarize the above, the cancellation of an order placed will not generate any cost to the customer, if said order has not generated any expense for the customer. Us.

8. Refunds

An order will be considered delivered when the delivery receipt is signed by the customer. The customer will have a period of 14 calendar days to make any return.

In order to return the product, it must be in its original packaging and present the same conditions as when it was sent. Items returned must be in a "new" state as received, and no return of defective items, breakages, no operation or missing parts or accessories originally included in the sale will be accepted. The shipping costs of the returns will be borne by the customer unless there has been any error in the shipment from us and the return will be made in exchange for another product of the client's liking, if none at that time the economic value will be Stored in a balance in favor of the customer indefinitely, to be able to use it in any other purchase.

9. Availability

In each article will appear the amount of available stock, but A greater quantity may be ordered although if the item is exhausted in the factory, the delivery times can be significantly higher than those established, in that case the Holder will put in with Tact with the User through email or telephone to report any incident concerning your order and will have the right to cancel it if you wish.

10. Customer Service
< > The user will have a customer service, so you can send an email to: tienda @ puertogun . com. and you will receive an answer as soon as possible or you can use the telephone 956 870 970 in the business hours of our store.




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