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NEGRINI - RIFLE HARD CASE (121,5 X 24 X 10CM) - BLACK (1643-SEC)


NEGRINI - RIFLE HARD CASE (121,5 X 24 X 10CM) - BLACK (1643-SEC)

Fabricante: NEGRINI

Description It si forbidden to visibly carry airsoft weapon on public. In addition, many of you have invested a lot of money in your weapon and want to transport it not only hidden but also safe. Only sturdy suitcases provide the best protection against damage.

The case with polymer shell from the Italian manufacturer Negrini is the ideal choice. The solid body is secured by four patented locks. The inside is molded with molded foam, which keeps the gun and accessories securely in place even during shakes.

Plazo de reposición: En caso de agotarse en tienda física, recibimos el artículo en 10 días desde su pedido. Una vez recibido se lo enviamos por mensajería urgente.


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