TOPARMS - M4 MOTS 10,75" MUR , (T12-10,75"), FULL METAL - BLACK Ver más grande

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TOPARMS - M4 MOTS 10,75" MUR , (T12-10,75"), FULL METAL - BLACK


TOPARMS - M4 MOTS 10,75" MUR , (T12-10,75"), FULL METAL - BLACK

Fabricante: TOPARMS


TopArms electric airsoft guns are made of  aluminium / zinc alloy and steel elements in the most stressed parts (screws, pins and tactical sling hooks). LMT Crane stock, which is as a storage battery, and the handle are made of durable plastic. Body and handguard is black anodized for good protection against corrosion. It is also protected with a quality coating abrasion resistance. The body has TopArms logos. Each piece has a unique serial number and product number on the trigger guard.

AEGs are produced based on specific requirements. Meeting the required criteria for quality and materials used. Based on TopArms request replica has M130 spring with the progressive winding. Thanks to the muzzle velocity of up to 430 FPS (130 m/s) it is perfect weapon for medium or longer range shooting.

Replica is able to work with both NiMh batteries, as well as with LiPo and LiFe. We recommend batteries 8.4V, max 9.6V NiMH or Li-ion 7.4V. Suitable BBs are 0.25g - 0,28g. See the accessories below.

Inside gearbox you find common internals, but 8 mm ball bearings, piston head with bearing, metal spring guide, low-resistance wiring, metal chamber. Motor is powerful enough even at 8.4V battery.

Packing include only gun and metal hi-capacity magazine. Charger or battery not included. Compatible batteries, spare magazines, or chargers can be found below in the appropriate accessories.




All our replicas have full metal body. Inside you find i.a. above-standard 8mm ball bearing, metal hop-up chamber, low resistance wiring and strong motor.



For optimal performance our replicas are using M130 spring with progressive winding and piston head with bearing. Muzzle velocity is up to 430FPS - best for mid and long range shooting.



There is no infinity amount of identical airsoft guns. Each our replica has your own unique serial number.



TopArms replicas are known for their low failure rate. FR is only 1,5% - that is several times lower than the average and gives you best value for your money.

Plazo de reposición: En caso de agotarse en tienda física, recibimos el artículo en 10 días desde su pedido. Una vez recibido se lo enviamos por mensajería urgente.


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