Who will process your order?

Your order will be processed and processed by the Official Distributor of the brand in Spain. Who will review the status of the articles, their packaging and referral to the courier company.

As a courier company we will rely only on entities of recognized prestige in domestic shipments. Whose processing processes allow us to keep track of them, as well as to resolve immediately any type of incident that may occur.

When will your order ship?

The requested items will be shipped the day after completing the order on our website. If you have chosen the Bank Transfer or Transfer as payment, it will be the day after receiving the payment in our account. In this case, you can advance this process if you send us the transfer receipt to our email: tienda @ puertogun . com.

You have to take into account for this term the working days, which are from Monday to Friday, because if the order is made on Friday or Saturday, your order will not leave until Monday. Equal consideration should be taken into account in the case of national and local holidays.

How will your order be shipped?

The articles requested will be wrapped in a way that will not suffer any damage in their transportation. In addition they will be wrapped in a neutral packaging that does not describe its content.

It will be collected, processed and delivered by a courier company outside our store, but we will trust your package due to your professional experience. Any incidents during the transport will be insured by an insurance company. Just as if you need to leave any instructions for delivery you can contact them directly or with us and we will manage everything. When the courier delivers the package with your order, you should check for any damages, bumps, openings in the box, and any anomalies. Which may affect the condition of the articles it contains. If you detect something in the box, please write it down in the same place where you sign, as we will be able to claim any

When will you receive your order?

En un plazo de 24 / 48h., salvo artículos que se indique otro plazo de envío, dependiendo de lo incluido en el pedido y de las zonas de reparto de la empresa de mensajería. Y dependiendo también de la hora de entrada del pedido, de los festivos locales o nacionales, fines de semana, etc . . . Aunque siempre intentaremos que lo reciba en el menor tiempo posible

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How much does it cost to ship your order?

At the time of purchase, the website will show the amount of the shipment. The amount of the shipment depends on the actual or volumetric weight of the article with what may be different for each item or if they are one or several units. Do not worry, because you will have all the information before confirming your order.